Online video training
The problems in the AUI Primer help new users to acquire a working knowledge of the ADINA System.

To enhance the learning experience of our users, as well as to introduce the ADINA User Interface (AUI) to those who have not used ADINA, we shall present some of these problems as training videos. Please bookmark this page as we shall be updating it from time to time, or, if you prefer, you may join the ADINA Newsgroup for us to notify you of updates to this page.

The Macromedia Flash 5 (or higher) plugin is required to play the videos. Each training video is opened in a separate window with a standard Flash 5 player bar at the bottom of the video display:

If you are unable to view the videos, you need to install Macromedia Flash.

Example Problems

Online video training is available for the following examples. Column 2 indicates whether the 900 nodes version can be used for the example problem.

Video Example 900 nodes
Primer Problem 2 - Plate with a hole in tension Yes
Primer Problem 7 - Contact between a block and a rigid cylinder Yes
Primer Problem 9 - Thermal stress analysis of a cylinder Yes
Primer Problem 21 - Conjugate heat transfer and thermal convection within an enclosure Yes
Primer Problem 32 - Analysis of a broken dam using the VOF method Yes
Primer Problem 33 - U-bending of a metal sheet — static-implicit and dynamic-explicit analysis Yes
Primer Problem 35 - Viscoelastic foam O-ring pressed between two frictionless plates No
Primer Problem 37 - FSI analysis of a simplified turbine using a sliding mesh No

For a complete set of example problems please visit ADINA Tutorials page.

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