Tech Briefs

ADINA Tech Briefs features more than 200 case studies demonstrating different capabilities of ADINA for simulating structures, heat transfer, fluid flows, electromagnetics and multiphysics. The Briefs also present a wide range of applications of ADINA in different industries.


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Advanced Moving Mesh Method (AMMM) for Fluid-Structure Interactions

Simulation of a fluid-filled rubber capsule compressed by a cylindrical rod

Mass Flow Rate Boundary Condition

3-D Animations with the ADINA Fast Graphics Engine

Cast Iron in ADINA: Predicting Bearing Housing Strength

Analysis of thin-film flow with ADINA Reynolds-based fluid elements

Fluid flow through continuously moving narrow gaps using ADINA FSI

Practically Optimal Shell Elements

Customer Experiences with the New ADINA Sparse Solver

Advanced Structural Modeling with ADINA's Connector Element

Advanced Material Models in ADINA

TFSI Analysis of a Plate-frame Heat Exchanger

Modeling Fracture in ADINA

Meshing Tools in ADINA

Hydraulic Engine Mount

Piston with Suction Reed Valve

Dam Safety in an Earthquake

Analysis of Cable-Membrane Structures

Seamless Implicit-Explicit Dynamic Analysis

Accurate Modeling of Threaded Fastener Joints

FSI Analysis of Wood Type Golf Clubs with Air Guides

Aerodynamic Analysis of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Surprises in Analyses with Incompatible Modes Elements

Dynamic Stability Analysis of Sail Ship Masts

Stability Analysis of Overlapping Tunnels during Shield Tunneling

Piezoelectric Capture of Energy in Tires

The ADINA Fast Graphics Mode

Fully Coupled FSI with ADINA DMP

Simulation of a Cutting Process

FSI Analysis of a Lighter than Air (LTA) Aircraft

The Noh-Bathe Explicit Time Integration Method

New ADINA Graphics Engine for Fast Visualization

FSI of a Fuel Rod: Numerical versus Experimental Results

Simulating Cavitation

Frame Analysis using Beam Elements

Towards Understanding Earthquakes

Component Mode Synthesis and the Bathe Subspace Iteration Method

Heating Effectiveness of an Industrial Furnace

Solar-driven Desalination with Phase-Change Energy Storage

Optimizing a Mechanical Carbon Face Seal

Component Mode Synthesis using ADINA

Direct Femap Interface to ADINA — the 3D-bolt

Simulation of a Piezoelectric Bimorph Motor

Simulation of Multiple Rotor Behavior

Study of Bearing Stiffness of Drilled Shafts Socketed in Heterogeneous Rock

Unsteady Blood Flow in Coronary Artery

Quality of Wafers in Semiconductor Devices

Direct Femap Interface to ADINA with TMC Analysis

Bending a Beam into a Möbius Strip using an Alignment Element

Modeling Delamination Conditions

Benchmark Problems for Large Strain Analyses of Shell Structures

ADINA STEP Import with Open Cascade

Analysis of Robots

FSI Analysis of a Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Continuous Microwave Processing for Heating Materials

Simulation of Phase Changes Using ADINA

Steered Adaptive Meshing Applications

ADINA IGES Import with Open Cascade

Steered Adaptive Meshing in ADINA — for FSI

Steered Adaptive Meshing in ADINA — for CFD

Modeling Concrete in ADINA

Seismic Isolation of the Aurora Bridge


3D Fracture Mechanics with ADINA

Dynamic Behavior of a Nuclear Reactor Steel Containment

The 3D-bolt in ADINA

Implicit Time Integration — What Can Go Wrong

Failure Mechanism of a Suspension Lug — Experimental and Numerical Studies

FSI Analysis of a Reciprocating Compressor

FSI Analysis of a Hydroelectric Power Plant

Large Frictional Sliding Analysis of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder

On the Use of the Bathe Subspace Iteration Method

ADINA Modeler with Open Cascade

Multiphysics with Electromagnetics

Video Course on Finite Element Analysis

Physical Instabilities in FSI

CanDo: Computer-aided Engineering for DNA Origami

Direct Femap interface to ADINA — Structural Analysis Example

The Art of Analysis with Hierarchical Modeling

Analysis of Threaded Connections

Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Electron Beam Welding

Microwave Heating

Bolted Assembly of the World's Largest Superconducting Coil

Electromagnetics in ADINA

Accurate Implicit Time Integration in Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Crush Solutions

FSI in Virtual Heart Surgery

Automatic Free-Form All-Brick Elements in Meshes

Direct Femap interface to ADINA — CFD Example

FSI in Mechanical Design

New Frontiers

The Direct Femap interface to ADINA

The Periodic Boundary Condition in ADINA CFD

Modeling Bolted Structures with ADINA

Mechanics of Thin-walled Open-section Beams

Forming a Titanium Rod by Bending

Fluid-structure Interaction Analysis to Understand Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Crush and Crash Simulations Using Implicit Integration

Fluid-structure Interaction Analysis of the Human Coughing Mechanism

Nonlinear Heat Transfer Analysis of The Laser Deposition Process

Large Strains of Shells in Statics & Dynamics

Automatic Hex Dominant Meshing

Analysis of a Hydraulic Turbine

Advancing Technologies

Fluid-structure Interaction in Brain Dynamics

Fluid-structure Interaction in Cardiovascular Mechanics

ADINA in Exciting Areas of Research

Aerodynamics of Flapping Wings for Biomimetic Flying Devices

Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Friction Welding

Fluid-structure Interaction Analysis of Red Blood Cell

Moment-curvature Relation for a Beam Using Shell Finite Element Model

ADINA in the Automotive Industry


Analysis of Domed Roof on a Railway Station

Tutorial on ADINA FSI

Effect of Initial Membrane Stresses on Mode Shapes of Shell Structures

Poro-elastic Finite Element Model for Prediction of Progressive Failure of Lumbar Discs

Surprises in Mode Shapes of Shell Structures

Dynamic Analysis of a Cylindrical Shell

Multiphysics Capabilities of ADINA

Point Cloud Data

Modeling Bolts in ADINA

A "Twist" in the Buckling of Beams

Instability of Two-Term Mooney-Rivlin Model

CFD with the FCBI Elements

The “Myth of No-Locking” in Nonlinear Analysis of Shells

Adaptive Meshing in CFD

Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Analysis of Composite Shells

Exciting Opportunities for the Usage of ADINA

Adaptive Meshing in FSI

Import of Stereolithography Files

Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Analysis of an Automotive Disk Brake

Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of a Hydromount

The Subsonic Potential-based Fluid Element in ADINA

Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of a Car Door Seal

Theory Used in ADINA

Frequency Analysis of Shell Structures with Contact


Searching the ADINA Web Site

Stability of Rubber Models

Frequency Solutions with Contact

User-Coded Material Models in ADINA

Analysis of the World's Largest Plasma Fusion Experimental Device Using ADINA

Elasto-Plastic Large Strain Collapse Analysis of Pipes

Mesh Gluing in Thermo-Mechanical Solutions

Implicit Solutions with Distributed Memory Processing (DMP)

Multiphysics Flow in Porous Media

Explicit-Implicit Integration in Dynamics with ADINA

ADINA Pre- and Post-processing Options

Study of Pipe Break in a Nuclear Reactor

Soil Mechanics with ADINA

More on EnSight with ADINA


Families of Frequencies in Cyclic Symmetry Analysis

Gluing in Cyclic Symmetry

Improved ADINA CFD Sliding Mesh & Gluing Capability

EnSight with ADINA

Explicit Analysis with Distributed Memory Processing (DMP)

ADINA Substructuring in Dynamic Analyses with Local Nonlinearities

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis for Heart Surgery

ADINA Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis with Nastran Input

Remarks on the Use of Incompatible Modes

The Iterative Solver in ADINA for 3D Models

Benchmarking Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction Capabilities

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis in Nuclear Power Plant Assessments

Thermal CFD and Stress Analysis of an Exhaust Manifold

ADINA in Teaching

Benchmarking Fluid-Structure Interaction Capabilities

Frequency and Transient Solutions with Mesh Gluing

Easy Use of Error Measures in ADINA

ADINA Substructuring in Analyses with Local Nonlinearities

Upset Forging of a Cylindrical Billet Using the Anand Material Model

Analysis of a Transmission Model Including Contact Using the Iterative Solver

3D Simulation of a Full-Contact Disc Brake System

Effective Meshes using the Size Function Option

Two Interesting Examples of Mesh Gluing

Major New Features of ADINA 8.4

Fully Coupled Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis in Turbulent Flow

Fully Coupled Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis

The Multiple Reference Frame Feature in ADINA CFD

10 Million DOF CFD Solutions on a Laptop

New Contact Solution Options in ADINA — the MNO and Gap-override Options

Nastran Model File Export

Airbag Deployment Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation in ADINA using Implicit Time Integration

Solving Unsteady Separated Flow Using Large Eddy Simulation in ADINA CFD

Training Video — Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Simplified Turbine Using the Sliding Mesh Capability

Solving Unsteady Separated Flow Using ADINA CFD

Solving Large CFD Models on the Laptop

Stress Analysis of Internal Fixation of Long Cortical Bone Fractures

Assessing the Numerical Error in the Finite Element Solution

Fixed-End Force Corrections for Beam Elements in Linear Static Analysis

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis in Aerodynamics Applications

A New Iterative Solver for Higher-Order Elements in the Analysis of Solids

Using NASTRAN Models for 3D CFD and Fluid-Structure Interaction Analyses

Remarks on the Shell Elements in ADINA, continued

On the ADINA User Interface

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Seismic Evaluation of the Cooper River Bridge (by SC Solutions, Inc., California)

Remarks on the Shell Elements in ADINA

New Turbulence Model in ADINA for CFD

User-Coded Subroutines in the ADINA System

3-D Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis with Automatic Remeshing

Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) material model

Improved Contact Solutions and Traction Calculations

Gluing of Regions with Dissimilar Meshes

ADINA for Use in Research and Teaching at Universities

Fully Coupled Fluid Flow Structure Analysis: Sloshing of Oil in a Tank

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Capabilities

Model Tree View

A More Powerful and User-friendly IGES/ADINA-M Translator

Analysis of an Engine Exhaust Manifold Using the Shear Stress Transport Model

Frequency Solution of Structures Coupled with Inviscid Fluids

Electro-Mechanical Coupling with Fluid-Structure Interaction

Multiphysics Example coupling Structures, Fluid Flow, Thermal Effects and Mass Transfer



One-Way Coupled Fluid-Structure Interactions

The Solution of Large Fluid Flow Models in ADINA, continued

Nastran Model File Import

Model for Transient Analysis of a Reactor Vessel

2-D Multi-body Contact Example Solved Using Explicit Time Integration

Analysis of an Artery Using the ADINA Orthotropic Rubber Model

The Solution of Large Fluid Flow Models in ADINA

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Hydraulic Engine Mount

Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction including Shell Elements

Robustness of ADINA in Nonlinear Solutions

Simulation of Buckling of Bridge Braces — the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Two-stage Forming of a Component

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Breaking Pipe

Simulation of Impeller Flow

New Brick Element Mesher

Simulation of a Ventilation System

Thermo-Mechanical Coupling (TMC) Analysis of a Rubber Pad

Automotive Gasket Simulation

Analysis of Liquid Storage Tanks Using Potential-Based Fluid Elements

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Reciprocating Compressor

Lanczos-iteration Method for Frequency and Buckling Analysis

Stiffness Matrix Stabilization

Rotating-Disk-Activated Valve for an Exhaust System

Cutting Surfaces in ADINA

Impact Analysis of a Bicycle Helmet

Analysis of a Rising Air Bubble

Nonlinear Cyclic Symmetry Analysis

Explicit vs. Implicit Time Integration in Metal Forming Analysis

Simulation of Moving Cars in Tunnel

Simulation of Disk Brake System

Study of a Check-valve

Simulation of Gas Shock Absorber

Simulation of Broken Dam

Simulation of Aortic Valve

Laminar Flow in a Tube Bundle

Simulation of Blood Flow through an Aneurysm

Blow molding simulation

Cyclic Symmetry Analysis

Simulation of Swaging Process

New FCBI Elements for Fluid Flow
Turbulent Pipe Flow

Soil Consolidation Analysis

Dynamic Analysis of Piping System

Bolt Analysis of Axle

Roof Crush Analysis

Impact Analysis

Analysis of Another Automotive Hydraulic Engine Mount

Artificial Lung Analysis

Helmet Impact Analysis

Blood Vessel Simulation

Particle Tracing in a 2-D Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem
Particle Tracing of Unsteady Flow in Chambers Connected by Valves and a Piston)

Simulation of Neutrophil (Cell) Passing through a Capillary

Analysis of Automotive Hydraulic Engine Mount

Radio-Frequency Ablation of Tissues Using the ADINA-F Joule Heat Capability

Animation of a Viscous Droplet Under Gravity With and Without Surface Tension