Tech Briefs

Shaded image of mesh created in ADINA for Open Cascade

ADINA Modeler with Open Cascade

The ADINA Modeler (ADINA-M) based on the Parasolid kernel for solid modeling has been part of the ADINA System for more than 10 years (see also here). We are pleased to announce that in ADINA 8.8, a new option is available for solid modeling with ADINA-M that is based on the Open Cascade kernel.

The Open Cascade development platform is freely available in open source and provides many important features. With ADINA-M based on Open Cascade, ADINA users are able to take advantage of CAD programs such as FreeCAD, CAD Exchanger and Datakit to create parts that can be directly imported into ADINA-M.

ADINA-M based on Open Cascade uses the same commands as ADINA-M based on Parasolid. Hence, those who are already familiar with ADINA-M can also use ADINA-M based on Open Cascade with minimal effort.

The capabilities of ADINA-M based on Open Cascade include:

  • Importing B-Rep models created by the program or other CAD programs based on Open Cascade

  • Defining solid primitives (block, sphere, cylinder, torus, cone, pipe, prism), sheet bodies (trimmed surfaces), and transformed bodies

  • Creating solid bodies by sweeping or revolving body faces

  • Modifying bodies by merging, intersecting, or subtracting operations with other bodies

  • Modifying bodies through blending (filleting) and chamfering of body edges

Below, we show solid meshes created by the ADINA User Interface (AUI) of two parts imported into ADINA-M based on Open Cascade.

Figure 1  Cylinder head

Figure 2  Clutch housing

With the addition of the new capabilities in ADINA-M, based on Open Cascade, and other enhancements, the AUI is significantly strengthened to support the comprehensive capabilities of ADINA for analysis of structures, heat transfer, fluids, electromagnetics, fluid-structure interactions and multiphysics.

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