Tech Briefs

More on EnSight with ADINA

The effective pre- and post-processing in the use of ADINA is very important. While the ADINA User Interface is available, we have also created interfaces to various other packages, including EnSight for post-processing. In the News of October 30, 2007, we presented the display of ADINA-CFD results in EnSight. Below we show some examples of structural analyses performed with ADINA and the use of EnSight for post-processing.

We want to note though that when viewed directly in EnSight, these movies look still much better. And of course, the colors can be adjusted.

These examples, see also News of October 30, 2007, demonstrate the versatile use of ADINA with EnSight for both structural, fluid flow and FSI analyses.

3D dynamic contact of many blocks moving and colliding with each other

Motion of a clip during push-in and pull-out

Rubber boot at the base of a control stick

Metal forming problem

Drop test of a cell phone