Tech Briefs

Analysis of a Transmission Model Including Contact
Using the Iterative Solver

We present another application of the powerful iterative solver in ADINA for structural solutions that can include large deformations, plasticity and contact. In the News of Apr. 30, 2006, we described when this solver is most useful, and illustrated its application with two examples.

Our application now is the analysis of a transmission. The model is shown below, followed by the analysis statistics. Contact takes place in this problem, as shown in the plot of contact forces in the next figure.

With this level of computational performance, the ADINA iterative solver is clearly effective for many linear and nonlinear analyses.

Courtesy of John Deere

Model of Transmission
Elements used: 599,980 10-node tetrahedra; 20,520 6-node shells;
2,940 2-node trusses; 361 beams.

Total no. of equations = 3,180,150
No. of contact equations = 17,209
Total no. of Newton-Raphson iterations = 9
Total elapsed solution time = 2.4 hr
Memory required = 5.9 GB

Computer: IBM Server P5 running Linux, using only one of four 1.6 GHz CPUs
(courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation)

Plot of Contact Forces in the Transmission