Tech Briefs

3D Simulation of a Full-Contact Disc Brake System

This example involves a Thermo-Mechanical Coupling (TMC) simulation of a full-contact disc brake system for heavy-duty trucks. For a similar industrial application, please click here. A simpler axisymmetric analysis of a disc brake system was shown in a previous News.

The figure below shows the mesh used for both solid and thermal analyses. Friction between the disc and the stationary components leads to local heat generation, causing non-uniform thermal expansion, which consequently alters the contact and friction conditions. A fully coupled thermo-mechanical analysis is required to capture this behavior.

In the movie, we show the temperature variation during braking. The figure below shows the variation of contact pressure between the upper friction plate and the piston at different times. A significant change in contact pressure distribution occurs as the brake system heats up, leading to more severe contact conditions at the inner surface.