Tech Briefs

Major New Features of ADINA 8.4

We list here some major new features of ADINA 8.4. For a complete list of all new features, please refer to the Release Notes.

ADINA — Structures

  • New Iterative Solver:

    A New Iterative Solver for Higher-Order Elements in the Analysis of Solids

  • Small Displacement Contact Algorithm:

    New Contact Solution Options in ADINA — the MNO and Gap-override Options

  • New 'Total Load Application' Algorithm — the TLA Algorithm
    This new option provides the solution for a total applied load without specifying solution strategy parameters. ADINA automatically increments the load. This solution option can be particularly efficient in case of contact with structural parts or bodies not initially restrained.

  • New 3D Rigid Target Contact Algorithm
    A new rigid target contact algorithm for 3D analysis is available. This algorithm includes possible frictional effects and is useful, for example, in metal forming analyses.


Pre- and Post-Processing

  • Nastran Model Export (in addition to import):

    Nastran Model File Export

  • Many new important options for pre- and post-processing in the ADINA User Interface

... and we are pursuing very exciting further developments ... for new features
in ADINA version 8.5!