Tech Briefs

Model Tree View

In each new release of the ADINA System, in addition to strengthening the solution capabilities, much effort is also focused on making the ADINA User Interface (AUI) easier to use. We highlight here two major improvements in the AUI 8.3.

  • Model Tree View

  • Tab Dialog Box

The Model Tree View provides an overview of the finite element model. Element groups, contact groups, materials, properties, loads, boundary conditions and constraints are displayed in the Model Tree View, as shown in the figure below with certain features illustrated. The Model Tree allows quick access to various common modeling actions. For example, the user can modify or highlight an element group by a simple right-click on the tree item.

The Tab Dialog Box simplifies the dialog box presentation by displaying the parameters in several layers. This reduces clutter and provides a more organized grouping of the parameters. The figure below shows the Contact Group Definition dialog box where the commonly-used parameters are accessed in the top-level Basic tab.

These features and many other improvements, including geometry cleanup, meshing, IGES import and the Nastran interface, make the new AUI significantly stronger for use in structural, fluid flow and FSI analyses.