Tech Briefs

Nastran Model File Import
-- to see complete example move mouse over the mesh --

The Nastran input data format is widely recognized as a standard format for the definition and exchange of finite element models and is well supported by many commonly used pre-processors.

The above example shows an engine block model created by engineers at Volvo Penta for analysis by ADINA. The analysis is performed for the design of one of their high performance D9-575 diesel engine. You can view the picture of the engine by moving your mouse over the engine block mesh above. The original model data created in Nastran input format was imported into the ADINA User Interface (AUI). Some additional modeling was done within the AUI to complete the model for analysis.

In ADINA v. 8.2, released last Fall, we have put in much effort to greatly strengthen our capability for the import of Nastran input files. Besides the reading of regular Nastran input data, ADINA now supports the following advanced features.

  • 3-D contact defined using NX Nastran 3 input (supported by I-deas and Femap) can be imported into ADINA.
  • Shell elements imported from a Nastran file can be used to form a closed exterior boundary to generate 3-D elements in ADINA.
  • When shell elements are attached to 3-D elements, ADINA can automatically translate the shell elements as sets of element faces and nodes which may then be used to easily apply loads and boundary conditions.

In addition to importing Nastran files, ADINA can also produce analysis results in Nastran op2 file format which can be read by other post-processors.

The much enhanced support of Nastran input and output will certainly open up the powerful analysis features of ADINA for use with pre- and post-processors of many other modeling and CAD systems.