Tech Briefs

2-D Multi-body Contact Example Solved Using Explicit Time Integration

ADINA 8.3 will have significantly more powerful explicit dynamic solution capabilities. These will be very useful for certain types of dynamic simulations, like crash analyses. The improvements in ADINA 8.3 pertain to the contact analysis capabilities, frictional effects, automatic time step selections, and parallel processing. All these capabilities are provided within the "ADINA philosophy" of only using reliable analysis techniques, and hence we use the same elements as in implicit dynamic analysis. The cost of an explicit dynamic analysis using ADINA might therefore be higher than with another explicit code, but we believe that the reliability of the solution results is most important.

We demonstrate the powerful ADINA 8.3 contact analysis capabilities using explicit time integration with the above example. The animation shows an illustrative contact problem involving elastic 2-D blocks enclosed in a rigid area. One of the blocks has an initial velocity, which leads to a series of successive impacts.