Tech Briefs

Nastran Model File Export

The current capability in ADINA to import Nastran model files has enabled our users to create their models using other pre-processors that are most effective for them. The Nastran models are then used in ADINA for structural (ADINA News, Jan 5, 2005), CFD and FSI (ADINA News Apr 15, 2006) analyses.

In ADINA 8.4, we have added the capability to also export a Nastran model file from an ADINA model. This will further open up the use of ADINA with other pre- and post-processors and with other types of analysis programs. For example, a user can

  • create and analyze a model completely in ADINA,
  • request the ADINA program to output a Nastran op2 result file (existing capability)
  • export a Nastran model file
  • use the Nastran model and op2 files for post-processing in NX, I-deas, Femap, etc.

The figure above shows the example of an ADINA model post-processed in Femap using the Nastran model file and op2 file exported from ADINA.

The Nastran export model includes the following data.

  • elements and nodes
  • materials and physical properties
  • loads and boundary conditions
  • contact and mesh gluing definitions
  • special features, including pre-tension bolt and element birth/death
  • analysis control information

This new capability will certainly provide our users greater flexibility in the use of ADINA with other systems.