Question QI-005 (continued)

Please note that the following instructions are for installation of a node-locked license on Windows computers only.

The installation instructions for various other license types and platforms may be found here.

System ID for Node-Locked License

To obtain the license file for a node-locked license, you need to run the "Install Node-Locked License" program. The system ID is NOT the MAC address of the ethernet card, or the hard disk ID number, or the IP address of the computer; it is generated as follows:

    Start > Programs > ADINA System n.n > Install Node-Locked License

Installing a Node-Locked License

The easiest way to install the license is to use the Import button [C]. You can import two types of files:

  1. The license file that you receive from ADINA R & D via email. Make sure the license file is named with a ".txt" extension.

  2. If you have an existing license file ("license.dat") for a previous version of ADINA, you can import it to install the license for the current version. The appropriate file type [D] should be selected.

When the license file is imported, the fields in the dialog box will be automatically filled in. After clicking OK, the following window is displayed if the license installation is successful.

If you need to receive your license file via fax, you will need to type in the fields required manually. Please make sure that there are no leading or trailing spaces in all the fields.


If you encounter problems when installing the license, please check that

  • the date on your machine is correct
  • the system ID [A] shown in the "Important Notes" box matches the system ID in the license file.