Question QI-005 (continued)

Please note that the following instructions are for installation of a node-locked license on Unix/Linux computers only.

The installation instructions for various other license types and platforms may be found here.

System ID for Node-Locked License

To obtain the license file for a node-locked license, you need to run the adhostid command found in the <ADINAHOME> directory (<ADINAHOME> denotes the directory where ADINA is installed) to obtain the system ID of your machine.

Please send the system ID to ADINA R & D (email: to obtain the license file.

Installing a Node-Locked License

The easiest way to install the license is to rename the password file (received via email) as adina.txt and to place it in the ADINA home directory for automatic installation. If you did not install the password during setup, you can use the adpass script to install the password at any time.

If the password file is for several machines, or if you received the ADINA password file via fax, you will need to use the Install program to install the password manually. If the password file is for several machines, you need to run Install on the computer listed as the the first host in the password file.


If you encounter problems when installing the license, please check that

  • the date on your machine is correct
  • the system ID obtained from the adhostid command matches the system ID in the license file.